Complete solutions to help you present engaging content across any device

The digital age has expanded how we engage customers, with new types of channels, an increasing demand for fresh content and the need to manage everything in real time. Whether you’re looking for the best website builder to meet the demands of a busy news day or to take advantage of the latest technologies, Naviga can help.

We make our solutions with a focus on the future and on user experience, so your editorial and production teams can simplify workflows while reaching your audience with the type of content they want where they want it.

Naviga Event

Hosting conferences and events can drive customers loyalty, inform clients of critical updates, help build user communities and offer new income revenues. Naviga Event planning software makes it easy to create and manage your own events by helping with everything from selling floor space to generating reports of useful findings.


  • Integrated CRM system
  • Showplans integrations
  • Pricing Adjustments
  • Proposal assistance
  • Key report generator

Naviga Syndication

Routing the right content to the right channel at the right time is growing in complexity by the day. That’s why Naviga Syndicator is built to easily manage and streamline content feeds to your syndication channels in real time. Our turnkey solution for managing content feeds gives you unprecedented control over digital delivery of your text or multimedia news.


  • Real-time normalization
  • Automated content tagging
  • Destination management
  • Supports transactional content

Naviga Mobile

Mobile is fast becoming the standard way modern audiences view their content. Naviga Mobile makes it simple to create, publish, monetize and update mobile news apps. It’s not just easy for you – our tools help you maximize the UI/UX for your audience as well.


  • Tools for audio, video, photos and web views
  • Geolocation capabilities
  • Real-time design change
  • Push notification management
  • Support for both iOS and Android

Naviga TV

Over-the-Top content is gaining ground, and with 181.5 million U.S. consumers using connected smart TVs, streaming content is becoming a critical channel for publishers. With Naviga TV, you can make the most of OTT content. Designed to be a premium, made-for-TV platform, it offers robust on-demand video and live-streaming capabilities.


  • Excellent video management features
  • Intelligent advertising capabilities to engage audiences
  • Works with Apple TV, Roku, Google Chromecast, Amazon Fire and more
  • Supports existing voice-on-demand (VOD) services
  • Included with Naviga Mobile or as a separate solution

Naviga Voice

Voice assistants are the next step for digital media as well as for broadcasting. Naviga Voice helps you take advantage of this emerging channel, allowing you to create custom content that audiences can access through their Amazon Alexa-powered devices. We even worked with Amazon as part of a long-form beta testing program.


  • Support for Amazon Echo, Kindle Fire TV, Tap and Fire tablets
  • Professional-level content creation tools
  • Short- or Long-form flash briefings
  • Included in Naviga Mobile solution or as its own solution

Naviga Newsletter

Many of our customers rely on newsletters for reaching niche markets, providing extra value to subscriptions or memberships and generating revenue. Whether you’re new to exploring newsletters or optimizing your workflow, Naviga Newsletter can help you create attention-grabbing newsletters tailored to your readers’ interests.


  • Drag-and-drop content options
  • Informative dashboard
  • Integrates with Naviga content aggregation tools
  • Automatic edition generation using tagged content
  • Easy audience targeting

Naviga Web

News sites must be more flexible than other websites, as they need to react quickly to breaking news or reader interest. Built on WordPress, Naviga Web’s tools let you design webpages and add content to your website. Run a manually loaded site or one that automatically generates with content fed from the backend – it’s easy with Naviga Web.


  • Editor-friendly workflows
  • Easy-to-use page structure builder
  • Tools to enhance mobile UX for readers
  • Scalable, adaptable, continuously upgrading
  • Seamless integration with Naviga creation solutions – or your own digital asset management program

Naviga Replica

Some people who read their content online nonetheless prefer the look and UX of print. With Naviga Replica, you can give them the best of both worlds with e-editions of your print publications optimized for mobile, tablets and desktop. Our customers praise Replica’s stability, premium user experience and adaptability.


  • Cloud-based
  • Works as well on smartphones as on tablets or desktop computers
  • Built-in error handling and self-healing mechanisms
  • Handles interactive elements like crosswords
  • Collects user data to measure your KPIs

Naviga NewsAPI

Have your own applications and just need the content? Naviga NewsAPI delivers news from reputable licensed and online sources. Each piece of content is extensively tagged and normalized to make it easy for your application to use the data. Plus, it’s delivered with ultra-low latency to keep you ahead of the competition.


  • Press releases, government regulations, public filings, global news
  • 70+ languages available
  • Automated or manual search and filtering
  • Easy to set alerts based on multiple factors
  • Get headlines or full text

“We chose Naviga Mobile because we needed to get our apps up quickly and designed professionally with the consumer in mind to provide the experience our readers want in a news media app.”

Curtis Hanson

Online Manager, San Francisco Media Company

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