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OTT technology to get in front of viewers

We make it easy to bring your content to the screen via over-the-top technology


Bring your content to an increasing viewership

Experts are predicting that by 2020, consumers are expected to watch an average of 19 hours of over-the-top (OTT) content per week. Naviga TV can help you capitalize on this growing market. Naviga TV is a premium, made-for-TV platform that allows media companies to bring high quality, on-demand video and live streaming to the top. Included in Naviga Mobile.

  • Previews for each video
  • Swipe-through videos for a “magazine” feel
  • Swipe-for playback
  • Options to scrub the timeline or skip forward
  • Closed-caption capabilities
  • Adaptable ad use for improved UX


Supports Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire, Google Chromecast, Samsung Smart TVs, and more.

Enhances Ads

Decrease ads when users settle into a playlist. If a user is browsing, ads are pushed to ensure your advertisers get seen.

Layers images

Parallax App uses 2 to five layers for increased realism. As they react to the viewer’s interaction, layers produce a 3D effect.

Easy to use

Streams directly from your existing video-on-demand service (VOD), within the same interface. Integrated with Naviga Mobile.

“Bringing digital solutions to the internet TV space is a natural fit for Naviga. Our team is passionate about new platforms and strive to build products they enjoy using.”

Nick Campion
Product Manager, Mobile, at Naviga


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