Naviga Replica

Bringing the print experience to digital

Create beautiful, user-friendly online versions of your print editions


Make e-editions of your print publications with ease

Some readers like the look of print, even on the computer. Naviga Replica focuses on creating a positive reader experience with the help of a user-friendly design, sharp graphics and interactive features. You enjoy easy publishing, an expanded readership and audience data to better serve your users.

  • Customizable templates
  • User-friendly ad insertion
  • Automated error control
  • Stable, secure hosting via Amazon Web Services
  • Archive add-on for user search
  • Interactive digital puzzles
  • Social sharing

Easy to publish

Produce your publication as usual, then upload the content, or integrate the upload process into your editorial workflow. Preview, make an updated edition or send push messages with Replica’s admin tools.


Readers can search, complete puzzles and share on social. Regardless of platform, they will enjoy fast and smooth page swipe and sharp text and graphics at any zoom level.


Naviga Replica supports integration to all major editorial systems, subscription services, analytics tools and ad platforms.

Analyze and optimize

Naviga Replica provides user data so you can track, measure and analyze how readers engage with your digital edition.

“All of our print subscribers automatically get the e-paper as well, and many are now choosing a combination where they get the print newspaper on weekends but read the e-paper during the week. So it’s important that those products complement each other very well.”

Sara Dupont at HD-Sydsvenskan



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