Naviga NewsAPI

Actionable content for your applications

Get news that’s searchable, filterable and actionable and enhance your own for syndication


Power your custom application with normalized and tagged content

To succeed, you need news you can act on fast. Naviga NewsAPI makes it easy for you to integrate content from premium licensed and web-scraped sources, tagged with our extensive taxonomy. Feed your proprietary algorithmic trading, specialized web displays, data analysis or content distribution. Plus, enhance your content for syndication.

  • 17,500 syndicated and web sources
  • Feeds delivered with ultra-low-latency speeds
  • Standardize and mark-up your content for redistribution
  • Language independent and based on widely-supported Web standards
  • Sophisticated search and filtering capabilities
  • Download content in various formats
  • Manage news syndication

Extensive sources

Get market-moving events, government regulations, industry announcements and international business news. We offer local and global news sources in 72 languages.

Fast delivery

Get news a soon as it’s available. With Naviga’s ultra-low latency feed, integrate breaking news where it matters most.

Powerful tagging

Naviga’s content, or even your own content, is enriched with an extensive taxonomy, allowing for targeted search results relevant to your business.

News-enable your applications

Use Naviga NewsAPI to seamlessly integrate news and content to trading platforms, analytics software, corporate intelligence and sentiment analysis programs, AI and machine learning applications, and more.

“Naviga provides not only an impressive amount of content and sources, but the coverage, while covering all segments of an industry, can also be granular enough to make the product valuable to even niche industries.”

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