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Powerful tools to help you engage and monetize your audience at all levels


Powerful personalization, streamlined workflows make audience engagement a snap.

In today’s subscription economy, you need to prove that your subscription meets your user’s specific needs. Naviga Subscribe’s robust CRM, e-Commerce and billing tools give you a complete a 360-degree transparent view of a customer’s decision journey and allow you to make highly customized offers. Make the most of every engagement at any stage of your customer’s subscription journey with Naviga.

  • CMS to manage content, CSR for customer support
  • Admin panels for settings, reports and analysis
  • A single view of real-time customer data
  • API library to manage workflow supporting paid content strategy
  • Manage new subscriptions and upgrade promotions
  • Access customer data with other internal and external sources
  • Integrates with Naviga solutions and 3rd-party

Subscriber Concierge

While the customer is in control of their account, you have the power. MG2 makes it easy to set up entitlements and special offers. Program transactional communication, including what triggers cause the program to reach out to the customer with reminders, offers and upsells. Set up A/B offers to discover the most effective promotions. You can even design smart offers for upgrade and downgrade workflows.

Mobile Concierge

If you are handling subscriptions through third parties at events, Mobile Concierge makes it easy to set up accounts and make sales. You control what offers can be presented at the event. Create event-only subscriptions and limit (or expand) the number of entitlements or upsells you offer.

Solicitor Concierge

Manage the offers and promotions your vendors offer. You can design offers for any product or price. Publish day passes, trial offers, gift subscriptions and coupons. You can even design targeted smart offers for upgrades or downgrades.

Newsletter Management

Manage multiple newsletters with the same proficiency as your main subscriptions. With our widget, you have the ability to set up free or paid newsletters or grant extra access through your paymeter to encourage sign up.

“Not everyone that shows up on your site wants to have this long term subscription relationship. We have to think in a more holistic way about every visitor.”

Patrick Glennon 
General Manager Subscription products, Naviga


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