Naviga Discover

Reporting and analysis tools for audience engagement

Understand reader habits to reduce churn, increase subscription revenue


Get the information you need to grow your audience

To inspire customer loyalty, you need to understand your customers’ reading habits, the best way to reach them and what offers appeal the most. Naviga Discover provides deep data analytics and detailed audience reporting. Combined with Naviga Subscribe or other audience management platforms, it gives you to power to create highly personalized campaigns.

  • On-demand analysis for real-time decisions
  • List selection and fulfillment
  • Value and profitability scoring
  • Data mining and modeling
  • Campaign management
  • Response tracking
  • Dashboard reporting
  • Integrate with Listrak

Data-driven marketing

With Discover, you can assess a client’s lifetime value and perform profitability scoring, make comparative analyses and keep track of your market segments. Track campaign KPIs.

Target promotions

Uncover existing relationships within your data to create dynamic promotions that reach the right people with the right offers at the right time and with the right medium.

Detailed Reporting

Drag-and-drop report generation lets you pull the data you need to understand subscriber relationships. Or take advantage of our premade reports covering subscription demographics, retention and responses.

Real-time data

Discover helps you spot opportunities and act on them quickly. Use the data to increase conversion rate by crafting custom messages based on consumer behavior.

“It’s really a matter of learning from data, putting neurotechnologies in place to build reader revenue against different segments, and not treat everyone exactly the same from a workflow standpoint.”

Patrick Glennon
General Manager Subscription products, Naviga


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