Actionable data and breaking global news delivered fast in formats you can use

In our information-heavy world, businesses can only succeed when they have data that is accurate, actionable and delivered fast. Naviga’s solutions supply the information you need. Determine the best subscriptions strategies with software that helps you understand the reader’s behavior, not just their demographics. Or access current financial, political and technical news from over 17,500 licensed and web-scraped sources, in 70+ languages, normalized for AI/ML and tagged for easy machine or human search.

Our solutions also come with tools for analysis, visualizing data and sharing in multiple formats. Plus, they integrate with popular trading and business software.

Naviga Engage

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The best way to reach your customer and convince them to subscribe is to give them an offer that truly speaks to them. Naviga Engage gives you actionable data to truly know your subscriber or potential subscriber. Naviga Engage helps you to tailor the best offer for your customer at the best time.


  • Demographic data like geolocation
  • Internal data like page views or topic views
  • Ad blocker detection
  • Virtual fingerprint detection to thwart cookie clearing
  • Integration with Google Analytics

Naviga Syndication

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If you create your own content, we can enrich and deliver it. Naviga Syndication accepts information in any format, normalizes it for AI/ML use, tags it according to our extensive taxonomy or yours and delivers in your choice of formats. We make it easy to control the digital delivery of your text or multimedia news.


  • Near-zero latency delivery
  • Micro-channel management and multiple-destination delivery
  • Transaction website management
  • Subscribers can manage entitlements and preferences
  • Editorial workflow functions

Naviga NewsEdge

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Businesses from finance to journalism depend on news to keep up with their competitors, their industry and the world around them. Naviga NewsEdge gives you access to content from thousands of premium news sources, accessible through simple language or BOOLEAN search techniques, and deliverable to you or your coworkers in a variety of formats.


  • Over 17,500 original and web sources – plus add your own internal news
  • Analytic and visualization features to spot trends
  • RSS, email, newsletters, and website integrations to deliver the news where you need it
  • Alert setting so you don’t miss an important breaking news event
  • Mobile application lets you take the news with you

Naviga Alert

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If you need to stay on top of breaking news stories, you don’t want to wait for someone else to report it. Naviga Alert provides streaming content, tailored to your needs, mere milliseconds from release by the original sources. We’re trusted by day traders and major news broadcasters because we’re blazing fast.


  • Integrates with trading software
  • Intuitive query tracking for breaking market and industry news
  • Personalized alerts
  • Prioritization features to get the most important news first
  • Licensed sources varying from Dow Jones to AP to FlyOnTheWall

Naviga Signal

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If you’re in the high-speed world of finance, you know the faster you get breaking news, the better you can make profitable decisions. Naviga Signal provides you with a trader-specific, ultra-low latency news feeds. Ideal for algorithmic trading, it integrates into your trading software.


  • Uninterrupted streaming into your proprietary applications
  • Direct access to distilled Reg FD press releases, SEC EDGAR filings and more
  • Standardized company ticker symbology
  • Industry and subject category codes for easy filtering of news
  • Options for headline and lead-only or full-story delivery

Naviga Newsfeed

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Breaking news isn’t just for high-speed trading. You depend on it for competitive intelligence and to keep up on your industry. When you have your own solutions for analysis and dissemination of content, Naviga Newsfeed delivers the news you need from sources you can trust, in real time.


  • 17,500 licensed and web-sourced content
  • Filtered and tagged with our patented taxonomy
  • Normalized for AI/ML
  • Multiple transmission opportunities: XML, APIs, push and pull FTP, and tailored RSS feeds
  • Delivery times in milliseconds or faster

“Naviga offers a product that…could easily provide a company with much or all of the news intelligence it needs.”

Robin Neidorf

Director of Research, Jinfo

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