Naviga Syndication

Enterprise content aggregation, enrichment and delivery

Naviga Syndication provides state-of-the-art, real-time syndication of content


Package your data and content for internal use or sale

Naviga Syndication takes your content in any format, normalizes it to a common standard and enriches it with metadata and tagging. You can then package the information and deliver it in multiple formats to deliver to your customers.

  • Enrich content with robust tagging
  • Improve editorial workflow
  • Deliver your digital content to multiple destinations simultaneously in different formats
  • Deliver via FTP, email, RSS or our AMPS point-to-point delivery system
  • Create flexible content micro-channels
  • Meet SEC’s Reg FD standards for data governance


We make it easy to manage publishing your content, so you can concentrate on creation. Multi-media is no problem. Naviga lets you handle text, image, even video syndication.


Naviga’s automated classification and data management process uses our powerful taxonomy to categorize and add metadata with ultra-low latency.


We make it easy to manage transactional websites for your customers to request content – use it to handle distribution and entitlements or monetize through subscriptions.


Naviga Syndication can enforce simultaneous receipt of documents, even when transmitting over public internet. If you need to conform to SEC regulations, Naviga is here to help.

Used by major institutions worldwide, Naviga Syndication is also effective in helping web site operators to centralize control over inbound syndicated feeds with monitoring and administrative tools to efficiently manage digital content coming into an organization.


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