Naviga Newsfeed

Content-as-a-Service designed for your applications

Breaking news and content, tagged and delivered with ultra-low-latency speed


Get current news and qualitative data for business intelligence, investing, research and more.

Get the most from your content budget. Naviga Newsfeed offers a diverse range of licensed and web-sourced content. Get global news, stock market news, press releases, government announcements, and more. Naviga gets the news from its source, tags it with an extensive taxonomy system, and normalizes it for delivery into your software solutions – all in milliseconds.

  • 17,500 sources
  • 72 languages
  • Full text stories
  • Reliable sources
  • Extensive taxonomy/detailed tagging
  • Easy, precise search
  • Alert setting


Integrate Naviga Newsfeed into your other applications.


Get streaming news for your proprietary applications via our specialized XML feed.


Ideal if you need push and pull capabilities for your content.


Digital news delivered for easy transmission for you or your users.

“Naviga sources, in terms of scope, number and diversity are impressive. Searching for news from a regional newspaper is often as easy as finding full-text articles from news organizations like The Independent or The New York Times.”

Jinfo Review of Naviga



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A complete set of solutions

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