Naviga NewsEdge

Get the edge with the business news you need, delivered in real-time

Receive and share content for competitive intelligence, industry research, and more


Timely, business-relevant content linked to powerful presentation tools to produce high-impact results.

Find and share the news that means the most to your business. Naviga NewsEdge is a real-time global news management and distribution solution for business professionals. It takes content from premium licensed and web sources, applies Naviga’s extensive taxonomy and provides real-time access to the news for search and distribution via newsletters, RSS, alerts, APIs and more. We make it easy for you to find and share the news that means the most to your business.

  • 17,500 business-relevant news sources
  • Search real-time news and archived content with the same tools and search language
  • Five different data visualization tools
  • Novice and expert search tools
  • Mobile application
  • Newsletter creation and management
  • APIs for news integration to your website, portal or application


Notify colleagues of breaking news with email or web-based alerts. Let users create and schedule alerts for themselves through a self-service portal.


Build reusable templates and distribute your newsletter via email or publish directly to a web server – delivering it on a schedule or manually.

Multi-format delivery

One-click RSS feed creation. Widgets to post news directly to your web site. APIs to add curated news to your applications.


Usage reports let you track the engagement of your users and readers, including logins, session frequency, session length, story reads for email alerts, newsletters, RSS, etc.

“Naviga NewsEdge enables users to find and access information that is relevant to them at that time and share it with others in their organization in ways that make sense to the readers, ranging from alerts to newsletters.”

Jan Knight, Jinfo



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