Naviga Engage

Encourage subscriptions, retain readers, drive revenue

Create custom conversations to lead users down the path to subscription


An easy-to-use solution for encouraging subscriptions.

Naviga Engage lets you create highly personalized conversations with users based on their online behavior. Create multiple campaigns, program triggers, and target messages by device and viewer preference. Combine Engage with Naviga Discover, Naviga Subscribe or other subscription platforms for a truly powerful audience engagement system.

  • Leverage visitor data to drive audience engagement
  • Build multiple conversations aligned to audience segments
  • Reduce churn with customized messages
  • Create promotions around all types of content (Free, Metered and Premium)
  • Encourage user registration and newsletter signup with online activation and registration
  • Guide more visitors into a subscription relationship

Customize Campaigns

Create targeted campaigns based on factors like user device (desktop, mobile), subscription status, geolocation, topics of interest and more. It can even take into account adblocking and offline data.

Incognito Tracking

Incognito mode is not a barrier. Naviga Engage’s powerful fingerprinting can recognize users by IP address and respond to readers even when incognito.

Advanced UX

Naviga provides several UI designs you can customize. It has inline activation and integrated newsletter signup so users can register right from the conversation.


In addition to our templates and WYSIWYG editing, we have global edit. Copy common pieces across all your presentations, so when you make a change, it populates everywhere.

“You need to find the right subscription model for your readers. It may be that they want to buy just that one piece of content. Or maybe you find that they have an affinity for college basketball And because this article is about college basketball you can ask them to pay for it, while another article they can get anywhere, you don’t charge for.”

Patrick Glennon
General Manager Subscription products, Naviga


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