Easy-to-use authoring and management solutions to help you create engaging content

To succeed in today’s connected world, you need to communicate. That starts with great content. You have the writers, editors, artists and production managers. Naviga can supply you with content management systems, workflow management software and content planning tools that help them do what they do best.

We’ve focused on creating a seamless user experience. Our solutions are easy to use, scalable and agile. Combining our experience in print publishing with a dedication to digital, we’ve developed software solutions that help news sites or any content-driven business meet the demands of the future of information.

Naviga Writer

Your journalists should be concentrating on creating great content – engaging stories, well-researched investigative pieces and insightful editorials – not worrying about how to format their stories for CMS. Our users call Naviga Writer “100 percent joy” because it’s so easy to write their stories, enrich them with image, video or metadata, and set parameters for publishing.


  • Smooth workflows with a sleek, modern user experience
  • Standardized metadata like categories, geo, entity tags and stories, with AI support
  • Easy-to-create inline fact boxes, summaries and reviews
  • Web-based and designed to work even with limited connectivity
  • Open for 3rd party developers to add more functions

Naviga Open Content

Wouldn’t you love to be able to store content where it’s searchable and easily accessible whether by the journalist in the field, the production manager in the office or a developer working on an app or website? Designed for creation and presentation solutions, Naviga Content provides content-agnostic, searchable and scalable storage for your classic or headless CMS.


  • Index features for easy search and retrieval
  • Metadata built around the IPTC NewsMLG2 standard
  • Relationship-settings between content to decrease repeat requests
  • Open APIs to adapt and integrate the solution to your needs
  • Perfect for Naviga systems or your own in-house CMS

Naviga Plan

Make designing a newspaper or magazine layout a joy. Naviga Plan’s intuitive interface helps you create a distinctive layout that’s easy to read. Rules and templates let you automate workflows or change your design on the fly. Naviga Plan handles the technical side so you can focus on composition.


  • User-specific templates for multiple publications
  • Automatic uploads of ads and stories
  • User-set rules to send ads and content to the right spot
  • Drag-and-drop, snap-to-grid functionality
  • Reacts to layout changes by automatically placing items in correct new spots

“The transition to Naviga Writer was ‘100 percent joy’ because it makes it so much easier for our journalists and editors to concentrate on what is really important for continued, successful news production – the content.”

David Karlsson

Development Manager, Stampen Media Group

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