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A digital-first, open authoring and content management system that’s simple and scalable


Create, enrich and amplify your content in digital and print

Your writers should be concentrating on creating great content, not dealing with formatting and CMS issues. Naviga Writer is a digital-first content creation solution that works with print. It focuses on the three most important tasks for the journalists: creating the content, adding metadata and incorporating inline enrichments like images and videos.

  • Modern, sleek user experience
  • Structured text (NewsML G2)
  • Text-in-text, such as teasers, summaries, fact boxes
  • Image workflow and image galleries with soft crops
  • Publishing workflow with content validation
  • Image archive from different sources
  • Media websites and print publishing

Smooth workflows

We concentrated on user experience with workflows so smooth, our customers call it “100 percent joy.” They say Naviga Writer changed their daily routines and how they work to save them time.

Engaging Enhancements

Add images, YouTube, videos, social embeds, Instagram, HTML-code, inline text content and other enrichments using drag-and-drop or paste a link. Embed social media with equal ease.

Customizable metadata

Naviga Writer contains a set of customizable metadata for content, including categories and entities (person, organization, location, events, products). Set the content meta yourself or connect to an AI service.


Naviga Writer is headless, so it can integrate with other systems. It’s also highly adaptable. We are constantly adding new modules, both from our developers, third parties and your in-house dev team.

“We absolutely love it. I’ve worked here for 20 years and have been around for several system changes in the newsroom, but this is the first time that absolutely everyone is expressing 100% joy over it. For the users, it’s the simplicity and efficiency in using it that score the main points, and for us on the technical side of things, it’s the fact that it’s so easy to train people in using Naviga Writer, and it’s easy to add new functionalities to it.”

David Karlsson
Head of development at Stampen Local Media


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