Naviga Plan

Page planning made easy

Create beautifully organized page layouts that readers will appreciate


Easy to use but powerful page planning

Print solutions should be able to deliver great user experiences for your production people and terrific products for your readers. Naviga Plan makes it easy to place ads in your layout where they have the best effect and look good, too.

  • Drag-and-drop and snap-to-grid capabilities
  • Set rules for automated ad stacking
  • Create templates and modify as needed
  • Integrates with InDesign
  • XML import of ads
  • Add production notes, group elements and more
  • Preview finished ads

Built for Naviga

When you pair Naviga Plan with some of our solutions, you get seamless integration of ad and content – no file transfers needed. You can also marry content to advertising for targeted promotions.

Integrate with InDesign

Once you have your ads set to your satisfaction, it’s easy to save your Naviga-created layout for use in InDesign to add content and images.

Easy Template Creation

You can create, adapt and save templates by users, publications, even special issues. Ad or subtract pages and have the ads automatically adapt to the new layout.

Metadata and Classification

Classifications have optional settings to further define ad placement; if not filled in, they revert to the parent classification’s settings to ease setup.

“Naviga Plan is a solid product that does a great job of paginating a paper. The tight integration with Naviga Ad makes an especially smooth workflow for placing orders, attaching creatives and laying it out on the page.”

Kelly Smith, Naviga Sales Engineer


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