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Content-agnostic storage and search

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Get the storage solution that’s headless, secure, indexable and scalable

Naviga Open Content is a content-agnostic storage and search engine for digital content, using Amazon S3 storage that scales with your needs. Different content types are separated and have their own specific properties setup. With powerful indexing and relations-building between items, it’s easy to find and fetch content.

  • Built around the IPTC NewsMLG2 standard
  • Indexed using Solr
  • Developer-friendly availability platform
  • Built for Amazon AWS
  • Easily integrates into Naviga solutions or your own programs
  • APIs for everything
  • Reliable backend

Scalable to suit your needs

With Solr index and frontend scaling, or by creating a cluster of OC Satellites, Open Content scales according to your needs.

Powerful metadata

Metadata like categories and tags are not just text strings, but object. Each has a unique ID, name and its own set of metadata and links.

Push information

Use our Live Content Cloud service to push data to subscribers. Set up query streams for users to choose content and let the program notify them in real time about updates.

Secure storage

By using Amazon Web Services for storage, you can add or reduce storage according to your needs and budget. Plus, enjoy Amazon’s tight security augmented by our own Naviga protections.

“We believe one strength with the Open Content platform is that we use it ourselves as early adopters for our creation and presentation tools. By working this way, we see first-hand what is needed to be optimized, fixed or developed.”

Dev team at Naviga – EMEA


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