Naviga Voice Datasheet

Alexa-enabled devices provide new opportunities for content. Naviga Voice helps you take advantage of this exciting new technology with our flash briefings platform. Flash briefings are quick overviews of news updates, breaking stories and other...

Naviga Web Datasheet

Website building should be about presentation, not coding. Our Naviga Web is an out-of-the-box website builder based on WordPress that makes it easy to structure your pages, optimize for mobile and make spur-of-the-moment changes. Field tested by global...


Naviga Inventory Datasheet

Trusted by publishers in private industry and government, Naviga Inventory can handle all your publishing needs – and not just for books, but music, software, courses, kits, or anything involving the packaging and sale of information. Naviga Inventory...

Case Studies

Naviga Cloud Case Study

Naviga offers redundant storage, disaster preparedness plans and 24/7 monitoring to keep your data safe. See how our proactive measures kept our customers up and running even in the hurricanes of 2018.