Bloomington, MN – February 12, 2019 – Infomaker, a NEWSCYCLE Solutions company, has been nominated for the Kalmar Science Park Award in Kalmar, Sweden. This award recognizes companies that make great strides in the business arena.

This year marks Infomaker’s second nomination for the prestigious regional award. Infomaker won the award in 2015 for “for early recognition of and conversion to self-governing and flexible work teams,” according to Nina Månsson, Infomaker’s Technical Writer and Marketing Communicator.

Karin Söderlund, President of Infomaker at Newscycle, believes that the acquisition by Newscycle is partly to credit for this year’s nomination. “Infomaker is seen as taking a big step for the business as Newscycle has included Infomaker in its global scale operations,” said Söderlund. “Whether we win or not, people in our local network understand how important this step is for us.”

Celebrating the award’s 11th year, the Kalmar Science Park, together with a special jury, will announce the winners at a banquet on March 9th.

“We are so happy to be nominated,” Söderlund said. “It’s really good for Infomaker’s local image.”

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