Bloomington, MN – May 6, 2019 – Naviga, a leading provider of content-as-a-service, is pleased to announce that Alttra has purchased Naviga Newsfeed to power Cerulio, which analyzes the cryptocurrency market.

Alttra Solutions logo“Alttra is looking to understand the behavior of participants in the cryptocurrency market in order to identify trends using our proprietary model designed to forecast cryptocurrency demand,” said founder Kai Charette. “Alttra created Cerulio to provide reporting on the state of any cryptocurrency, amalgamated from data scattered across the internet.”

Currently, Cerulio uses raw numerical data. Naviga Newsfeed will provide users with content for interpreting that data.

“This partnership will enable us to provide our clients context for our quantitative sentiment data set,” Charette said. He added that since cryptocurrency lacks many of the standard “tried-and-true metrics” such as sales reports, the news provided by Naviga will help customers better understand the factors motivating the cryptocurrency market.

Naviga is trusted by major corporations and financial institutions to provide newsfeeds for trading and competitive intelligence. The platform aggregates content from over 17,500 sources and uses a combination of machine learning enhanced by human insight to tag the data with its patented taxonomy. The formatted AI/ML data enables programs like Cerulio to use it easily and deliver it in real time. As a result, investors can not only make better trading solutions but can do so in a timely manner.

“Content requirements like Alttra’s are something Naviga Newsfeed is well suited for,” said Brad Scher, President and General Manager of Data at Naviga. “With the information we provide, combined with Alttra’s numerical data, cryptocurrency investors will be able to make trading decisions while seeing the entire economic picture.”

The partnership is exciting for Naviga as well, as it marks one of its first entries into the cryptocurrency analysis.

”Naviga is always seeking new opportunities to apply content to big data analysis, especially when combined with artificial intelligence and machine learning,” Scher said.

“Alttra is working to be known as the super-forecaster within the market – the one who can provide the leading indicators and is really focused on the future events for the particular industry the customer is looking at,” Charette said. “Naviga Newsfeed provides empirical evidence for justifying the data we’re working with.”

Alttra anticipates going live with Naviga Newsfeed June 1st.

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